The trick is not to play the game better than the competition but to develop and play an altogether different game.

Kick-Start Strategic Innovation

Change the rules of the industry

Redefine the Business

Redefine the who. Think of new customers or new customer segments and develop a game plan that serves them better.
Redefine the how. Leverage existing core competencies to build new products or a better way of doing business.
Redefine what. Think of new customer needs or wants and develop a game plan that better satisfies these needs.
The thinking process at different points. “What are our unique capabilities? What specific needs can we satisfy? Who will be the right customer to approach?

Roadmap to create empowerment


Finding the
ideal customer
to serve


Developing a


Driving a
pilot of the

Carry Out

Moving the
organization to
develop the


Creating new
ideas to serve
the customer


Testing the
solution in a

Business Model

To analyze if it's
viable, profitable,


and come alive
in the real

By Closing Gaps

Every company is a customer experience company

Solving new customer needs or not previously identified needs.

Acquiring new customers.

Finding new ways to produce, deliver or distribute.

Typical expected results



Accelerates sales and grow business

Building a
pragmatic strategy
with buy-in to
improve customer


Building a powerful business
to attract new customers

“The name of the game is not to compete to gain market share, the best way to succeed is by doing something new for your customer by closing gaps.”

Alex Villa

Aleph - Business Empowerment

It is born from a concern that arises when delivering technological projects and processes in which the user feels frustration and disappointment because the solution does not cover their need or partially covers it.

Companies, traditionally seek solutions to problems from previous knowledge and if we add that due to different situations, the requirement is not clear or the knowledge is vague, business results arise that only generate new problems.

In 2018 Aleph - Business Empowerment emerged as a new way to meet the needs of organizations, with the use of innovative and flexible tools and techniques, we seek to generate solutions to problems in a dynamic, focused and timely manner.

Aleph - Business empowerment, takes techniques developed in different industries and applies the most effective for each particular case to take the organization in a process of self-knowledge or knowledge of the client until the delivery of a productive process or viable service focused on the client allowing the organization to develop and achieve its maximum potential.